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Geocaching in Maillardville

Discover Our French Community


What is Geocaching? geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS application found on cellular phones. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.





How does it work?Scavenger-Hunt

– Visit now the geocaching.com website, register for free and discover the rules. (Member name: francomaillardville)

– Find our 12 geocaches logs. For each one you will find a story about the Francophone past of Maillardville (in French and English).

– Get ready and go to the place indicated in the logs to find geocaches. You can live the adventure alone or with your friends and family throughout the year.



Listing of the geocaches in Maillardville 

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

(Click on the links to learn about the historical connection each cache has to Maillardville. Documents are in French on the first page and English on the second page.)

  1. Les origines de Maillardville| GC6BMNH | Maillardville’s origins
  2. Les premiers francophones en Colombie-Brittanique | GC6BMP7 | First Francophone people in British Columbia
  3. Sur les pas des pionniers | GC6BMQC | On the pioneers’ steps
  4. Maillardville une communauté florissante | GC6BMRO | Maillardville: a blossoming community
  5. Une solidarité entre travailleurs | GC6BNBB | Workers solidarity
  6. La grève de 1931 à Fraser Mills| GC6BMRD | 1931 Fraser Mills strike
  7. Afflux des Prairies| GC6BNAB | A wave of migration from the Prairies
  8. La grève des écoles en 1951| GC6BNAJ | 1951 school strike
  9. Préserver l’héritage francophone | GC6BMRW | Preserving the Francophone heritage
  10. Henry Mackin| GC6BMN6 |
  11. Nouveaux horizons pour la francophonie| GC6BNB2 | Francophone community new horizons
  12. Le français à Maillardville| GC6BNAW | French language in Maillardville


Experience of Participants

Participant 1: “Found while attending the CITO event. It is always easier to find a cache when a group of people are looking. We ended up on the wrong side of the creek but managed to sign the log without getting wet. Thanks for adding to our fun for the day.”

Participant 2: “Spotted this one after taking in the beautiful view from near ground zero. Found the cache and signed the log. Thanks for showing my such a pretty view. TFTC. ”

Participant 3: “Quick find after waiting out expected muggles on this beautiful day! Thanks for another history lesson and cache!”


Partners of the Project

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