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Maillardville, au cœur de la communauté francophone... depuis 1909!


The Francophone Centre of Maillardville provides Francophones and Francophiles of the area different resources and practical services.

Société francophone de Maillardville, a non-profit organisation, was founded in 1983. Its main purpose lies in the guidance and support of its individual and association members, into a community and cultural environment.

Its role is to provide services and activities to the French-speaking regions of Maillardville, Tri-Cities and throughout the Lower Mainland, all cumulating about thirteen thousand Francophones.


Promote, represent and defend the rights and interests of francophones in Maillardville and its surroundings and to maintain the language and the French-Canadian culture.


  • To promote, support, protect and facilitate music, art, dance and traditions of the Francophone community of Maillardville and its surroundings through cultural and artistic events.
  • To collect and encourage organisations and individuals that provide development to the community.
  • To establish and maintain a physical presence in the community and provide support and administrative services to its members.
  • To develop community activities that will promote the arts and the cultural aspects of Maillardville and its surroundings.
  • To enhance the autonomy of each of its members.
  • To coordinate, develop and promote a significant volunteer base.
Contact us by phone: (604) 515-7070 or by email:  info@maillardville.com